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Amsterdam and Lake IJssel Cycle - Funiture

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The secret journey of Tonkin is designed for travelers who want to touch, taste and feel the souls of Northern Vietnam through their unique highlights and experiences. More than simple whirlwind tours, the secret journey of Tonkin of Tonkin marry iconic destinations and must-see spots with the hidden corners and below-the-skin experiences to discover some of the famous and unique places around the Halong region.

Comprised of a dozen islands in the Discovery Passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland in British Columbia, we will take you kayaking throughout this sparsely inhabited remote group of islands on this kayaking tour.

Paddling around the islands provides the ideal way to get close to nature and be completely enveloped in the beauty of towering trees, remote beaches, and mountains. Discover the wildlife that inhabit this region and the secrets of British Columbia’s rich and plentiful inter-tidal life while exploring magical waterways.‍

Tour Highlights

  • Be enveloped in the beauty of towering trees, remote beaches, and mountains of the Canadian wilderness
  • Have close encounters with BC’s coastal wildlife; sea lions, seals, pacific white sided dolphins, otters, birds and some of the largest starfish in the world
  • Be on the lookout for Humpback whales that have made a strong resurgence in the Discovery Islands
  • Coastal cuisine designed by a local gourmet chef
  • Quality expedition tents & warm sleeping bags all included in the price of the trip

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    Great trip !

    Great trip for families with active kids who want to see the Netherlands. Each day was filled with beautiful scenery…

    Th8 9, 2022

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